Members of AFM Houston enjoy many benefits and services as a part of our community. Please read below to find information on the member benefit of interest to you.

Full Service Credit Union

Our Credit Union Website is
Please call us if you have any questions at the numbers listed below.
– Visa
/ATM-Debit Cards
– Loans for all needs
– CD’s and IRA’s
– Checking accounts, savings accounts, and trust accounts for immediate family.

24 hour phone answering at 713-236-8670 or 800-236-8670

Pension Fund

All members are able to contribute to the AFM Employee Pension Fund.

Death Benefit

All local members are covered by a $2,000 Death Benefit policy after six months continuous membership included in the annual dues of $160.00.

Disability Assistance
The AFM has established a fund known as the Lester Petrillo Fund for disabled musicians. Forms are available upon request.

800 Number
The number, 1-800-965-9465, may be called during business hours.
Member promotional materials are available to in-person purchasers and ensemble referrals are handled by phone when requested.

Fax Contracts

Members may fax contracts to the office 24/7 at (713) 236-8671.

Rehearsal Hall

A large open hall including a grand piano is free to all members during office hours, and with a $20 fee on nights and weekends (by reservation only).

Union Directory

Annual publication contains addresses and telephone numbers of all members in good standing, with cross-referenced instrument listings.

AFL-CIO Assistance Program

Local 65-699 has contracted with the AFL-CIO for services that are free to our members. These services include counseling by professionals on personal life problems, such as marital stress, legal or financial stress, drug or alcohol related problems, etc. The service is private and confidential.

Information and Assistance

Local 65-699 office staff has the necessary information to assist members through an automated directory assistance system. AFM Performance Contract blanks available to members with contract guarantee protection included.

Scales/Working Conditions

An in-depth, easy to read Scale Sheet is available to all members. All local scales are proposed and set by the membership at annual Scale meetings.

Union Plus Services

Off the job, the Union Plus Benefits endorsed by your union give you and your family more buying power in the marketplace. With the savings the Union Plus benefits provide, being a union member makes even greater dollars and sense. Please visit for a description of the benefits provided by Union Plus.

Musicians’ Liability Insurance

Members have access to a liability insurance policy.  This policy provides up to $1 million for each occurrence and up to $2 million of aggregate coverage for lawsuits arising out of bodily injury and/or damage to property of others, occurring on or off premises during your performance.

Equipment Insurance
Only you know the value of your instruments and equipment, and the amount of money it would take to replace them. Most homeowner’s and rental’s insurance is not enough to protect you from loss, theft, or damage on location. Members have access to an “All-Risk” Musical Instrument and Equipment Insurance Plan. Your instruments and music-related equipment are protected from vandalism, breakage, water, fire, lightning, and theft up to the full replacement value.

Peck Kelly & Tim Harris Memorial Fund

The Peck Kelly Memorial Fund is a fund to help distressed members remain in good standing in times of hardship. The Tim Harris Memorial Fund provides monetary assistance to members in good standing who have suffered a catastrophic illness or Act of God.

MPF & FILM Funds

These funds are created by negotiations between the AFM and the recording and film industries, respectively, and are used to create and promote live music. Contact the local office for further information and explanation.

Contract Guaranty Fund

Contracts properly filed in the Local which become defaults are paid out of the Contract Guaranty Fund at prevailing scale, until such time as legal counsel may collect through litigation.

About Local 65-699

Local 65-699, American Federation of Musicians
Houston, TX
Chartered October 22, 1897

5771 Enid, Houston, Texas 77009
Office: (713) 236-8676
Toll Free: (800) 965-9465
Fax: (713) 236-8671

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9AM-4:00PM