Local 65-699 in Action

March 2nd, 2016 by AFM Houston
Al Martinez receiving his Life Membnership Pin from President Lovie Smith-Wright

Al Martinez (drums) receives his Life Membership Pin from President Lovie Smith-Wright

Robert Linder (Conductor)

Robert Linder (Conductor)

Glynace Eastman (Guitar, Composer)

Glynace Eastman (Guitar, Composer)


Alan Johnson performing at a local Community Center

Bob Sedeno

Gilbert Sedeño and Secretary-Treasurer Bob McGrew bringing in the New Year

DeWitt Bob

Former Vice President John Dewitt with Sec-Trea Bob McGrew


Board Member Erica Robinson (Violin)


L-R Madam Prez Lovie Smith-Wright (Percussion), Board Members Robin Hough (Oboe) & Sam Dinkins III (drums), and Cindy Bock (HMFCU)


Board Member Mary Fulgham (Viola)


Vice President Nancy Nelson (Percussion)

J Dewitt and Sedeno

Former Vice President John DeWitt ( trumpet; Houston Symphony[retired]) with Board Member Gilbert Sedeño (Piano)


Maiko Sasaki, (clarinet)

Sandra Cersonsky pic

Sandra L. Cersonski (percussionist)

Sandra, Lovie Christy perc photo

L-R Sandra L. Cersonski, Lovie Smith-Wright, Christina D. Carroll


John Glossop (Drums)

Francesca McNeely, (Cello)

Francesca McNeely (Cello)

Vince Ramos (keyboards) performing at a local Community Center

Vince Ramos (keyboards) performing at a local Community Center

The Richard Brown Orchestra

The Richard Brown Orchestra

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